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Kilburn Village

Kilburn Village Residents’ Association

Kilburn Village is an active residents association in the area bounded by Salusbury Road, Hartland Road, Tennyson Road, Willesden Lane, Kilburn High Road and Brondesbury Villas. We focus on improving the environment, amenities and safety of the local area. We believe that as a constituted body and combined force we can have more effect on Brent Council and utility companies.

We help represent the needs of residents to those making decisions about our area – including the Police, Transport Authorities, the Regeneration Board and particularly Brent Council officers concerned with trees, street-care, rubbish collection, lighting, pavements and the local Conservation Area. We have a direct dialogue with Brent departments and have worked out protocols to get things done.

We have campaigned successfully on many issues – such as traffic calming, street trees, flood relief, the CPZ and monitoring its use, planning applications, highway cleansing, rubbish collection, conservation and green open space. We are currently working to increase open space on the proposed re-development of Kilburn Square and working with other residents’ associations to ensure a co-ordinated response to the Queen’s Park Station proposals.

Membership of Kilburn Village is free – we produce a news-sheet a few times a year, we sometimes ask members to sign petitions. Many of our 200 or so members attend at least one the two meetings we hold each year.

However, our real effectiveness depends on people joining the working groups on various issues. Some working groups such as ‘planning’, ‘pavements and lighting’ and the CPZ have been constantly active. Without a large membership we will not have the influence and without people contributing time to help a working group, none of our activities would be possible.

We welcome everyone who lives in this area.


Diana Renard
020 7328 6388